Registering in the Address Book

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Registering in the Address Book


You can register frequently used fax/scan destinations in the Address Book and easily select them when needed ( Registering/Editing/Deleting Destinations in the Address Book). Destinations can be searched alphabetically, from lists in the Address Book, or by entering three-digit numbers (coded dial numbers). You can also specify destinations more quickly by using the following features.

One-Touch Dial

Registering a lot of addresses in the Address Book makes it difficult to find the destination you need. To avoid this situation, register frequently used destinations as One-Touch Dial numbers. This allows them to be displayed by the One-Touch buttons in the Home screen. You can register up to 4 destinations for One-Touch Dial.

Group Dial

You can select multiple destinations that have already been registered and register them together as a group. You can send faxes or e-mails to multiple destinations at the same time. Groups can also be registered in One-Touch Dial.


The registered destinations are classified into indexes depending on the initial character or the type of address. Changing indexes allows you to perform a destination search quickly. Tap <> or <> the target index sideways to change the display.

Displays all the destinations registered in the Address Book.
<A-Z>, <0-9> or <ABC> to <YZ>
Displays destinations with recipient names whose first characters correspond to the characters of the selected index.
Displays destinations for faxes.
Displays destinations for e-mails.
Displays destinations for shared folders. Registration of destinations is performed from the computer. For details, see the "User's Guide" from the Canon website (
Displays a list of destinations registered in Group Dial.
Only destinations for one-touch dialing are displayed.

Storing/Editing Destinations in Group Dial



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