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Mac instructions


Sending Faxes Using AirPrint

You can send faxes from a printer using AirPrint.

To send faxes, add your printer to your computer.

Checking Environment

First, check your environment.

  • AirPrint operation environment

    A computer running Mac OS.


  • The computer and your printer must be connected correctly.

Adding Printer to Computer

  1. Open System Preferences and select Printers & Scanners (Print & Scan).

  2. Click + to display printer list.

  3. Select printer model name with Bonjour Multifunction displayed.


    • If the printer does not appear, check the following.
      • The printer is turned on.
      • The firewall function of the security software is off.
      • The printer is connected to the access point or directly connected to the computer.
    • If using the printer with USB connection, select USB Multifunction.
  4. Select Secure AirPrint or AirPrint from Use.

  5. Click Add.

Sending Fax


  • Only black and white transmission is supported.
  1. Make sure printer is on.

  2. In application, open document to fax.

  3. Open Print dialog.

    To open the Print dialog, you typically select Print... from the File menu of your application software.

  4. Select Canon XXX series - Fax (where "XXX" is the model name) from Printer list.

    figure:Print dialog
  5. Specify fax paper settings as needed.

    figure:Print dialog
  6. Enter fax/telephone numbers in To.

    figure:Print dialog

    If you specify a dialing prefix, enter the code in Dialing Prefix and specify the cover page settings as needed.

  7. Click Fax.

    The number is dialed automatically and the fax is sent.


    • To cancel sending the fax, press the printer's Stop button.

Automatic Redialing

If the fax could not be sent (for example, when the recipient was busy), the number is redialed automatically according to the automatic redialing setting of the printer.

You can enable or disable automatic redialing. If you enable automatic redialing, you can specify the maximum number of redial attempts and the length of time the printer waits between redial attempts.


  • To cancel automatic redialing, wait until redialing starts, and then press the printer's Stop button.

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