Copying a Photo - TS8220
Article ID: ART172023 | Date published: 09/28/2018 | Date last updated: 02/26/2019


Photo copy



You can scan printed photos and print them all at one time.

  1. Check that the printer is turned on.

  2. Load photo paper.

  3. Select Copy on the HOME screen.

  4. Select Photo copy.

  5. Check the on-screen instructions and select OK.


  6. Load the printed photo(s) on the platen glass following the on-screen instructions and select OK.


    When scanning is complete, the print settings confirmation screen is displayed.

  7. Specify settings as necessary.


    Flick to display setting items and select the setting item to display the settings. Select to specify the setting.


    • Depending on the setting item, some settings cannot be specified in combination with the setting of other setting items. If the setting cannot be specified in combination is selected, appears on the touch screen. In this case, tap on the upper left on the touch screen to check the message and change the setting.

    • By selecting Preview, you can preview an image of the printout on the preview screen. Flick the photo to change the display.

      If appears on the photo, the printed photo may not be scanned properly. Rescan the printed photo.

    Following setting items can be changed.

    • Copies

      Specify the number of copies.

    • Paper src

      The paper source is set to Rear tray.

    • Page size

      Select the page size of the loaded paper.

    • Type (Media type)

      Select the media type of the loaded paper.

    • Print qlty (Print quality)

      Select print quality according to the original.

    • Border (Bordered / Borderless print)

      Select bordered or borderless print.

    • Photo fix

      Select Auto photo fix, Fade restoration, or No correction.


      • When Auto photo fix is selected, the printer corrects the scanned image automatically.

      • When Fade restoration is selected, the printer corrects the scanned image that have faded over time.

      • When No correction is selected, the printer prints the scanned image without correction.

  8. Tap Color for color printing, or Black for black & white printing.

    The printer starts printing.


    • If the printed photo was not scanned properly, the confirmation screen asking you if you continue printing is displayed. By selecting Yes, the printer starts printing. If you want to rescan the photo, select No and scan the photo again.


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