How to Activate Auto Replenishment Service (ARS) on the printer (5 inch touch screen imageCLASS)

Article ID: ART172101 | Date published: 10/04/2018 | Date last updated: 05/26/2021


If you have enlisted in the Auto Replenishment Service (ARS) with Canon, the following steps are required to activate it on your device after setting up your printer.

For Wi-Fi Connection, refer to CanonUSA's YouTube wireless help video


Step 1: Update to Latest Firmware
From homescreen 1, press on the right arrow until Update Firmware icon is displayed and press the icon
• Install firmware update (if applicable)
• You will see a notification confirming that your firmware version is latest available
• If firmware update is needed, turn off printer once completed
• Turn printer on by pressing Power Button

Step 2: Activate Auto Replenishment Service
Follow on-screen instructions, if prompted. If a prompt does not appear, follow instructions below.

From homescreen 1, press on the right arrow to get to Toner Delivery Settings Icon and press the icon

• Press Toner Delivery Settings: Deactivated

• Press Activate to begin setup

• Press Next after reading first validation step

Step 3: Final Validation Steps
Next, you should see the validation screen below
• Press OK

• Check server connection status. You should see the following Server Connection Status: Successful screen.

If an error message occurs, follow on-screen instructions

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