Other Device Settings - TS9500 Series

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Other device settings



  • Date display format

    Changes the display format of dates when printed.


  • Read/write attribute

    Selects whether to allow data to be written onto memory cards from a computer.


    • Remove the memory card before changing this setting.

    • If you set this setting to Writable from USB PC, you cannot print photos on a memory card using the operation panel of the printer. After you finish operation of the memory card dedicated drive, be sure to set it back to Not writable from PC. When you turn off the printer, Writable from USB PC will be canceled and the setting is returned to Not writable from PC when you turn on the printer next time.

    • When Writable from USB PC is selected, the auto power off setting is inactive.

      For more on the auto power off setting:

  • Sound control

    Selects the volume.

    • Keypad volume

      Selects the beep volume when tapping the touch screen or the buttons on the operation panel.

    • Alarm volume

      Selects the alarm volume.

  • Energy saving settings

    Allows you to turn on/off the printer automatically to save electricity.

    • Auto power off

      Specifies the length of time to turn off the printer automatically when no operation is made or no printing data is sent to the printer.

    • Auto power on

      Selecting ON enables the printer to turn on automatically when a scanning command from a computer or printing data is sent to the printer.


    • You can also select this setting by selecting (Setup) on the HOME screen, selecting ECO, and then selecting Energy saving settings.

  • Document removal reminder

    Selects whether the printer will display the reminder screen in case you forget to remove the original from the platen after scanning.


    • Depending on the type of original or the state of the document cover, forgetting to remove the original may not be detected.


TS9520 / TS9521C Support Page

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