Resetting Settings - TS8220

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This article explains how to reset various settings on your PIXMA TS8220.


To reset settings on your PIXMA TS8220, follow the instructions below.

  1. From the HOME screen, tap the Setup Setup icon icon.

  2. Tap Device settings.

    Tap Device settings

  3. Scroll down to Reset settings and tap it.

    Tap Reset settings

  4. In the Reset settings menu, you will be able to choose from the following:

  • Web service setup only
    Sets the Web service settings back to the default.

  • LAN settings only
    Sets the LAN settings back to the default.

  • Settings only
    Sets the settings such as the paper size or media type back to the default.

  • Reset all
    Sets all settings you made to the printer back to the default. The administrator password specified by Remote UI or Wi-Fi Connection Assistant reverts to the default setting.

 You cannot set the following setting items back to the default:

  • The language displayed on the touch screen

  • The current position of the print head

  • CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for encryption method (SSL/TLS) setting

  1. After tapping on one of the available options, you will be asked if you want to reset the settings you selected.  Tap Yes.

  2. After the settings have been reset, tap OK or the HOME HOME icon icon.

TS8220 Support Page

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