How Do I Reset My Password for the IJ Cloud Printing Center?

Article ID: ART172144 | Date published: 10/08/2018 | Date last updated: 10/21/2019


Reset Password



If you have forgotten the password you use to log into the IJ Cloud Printing Center, follow the steps below to reset it.
  1. Go to the IJ Cloud Printing Center website.
  2. Click Start.

  3. Click Need a new password?

  4. Enter your email address into the field provided.  Then, click Reset password.

    A message will indicate that an email was sent to your email address.

  5. Access your e-mail and open the confirmation e-mail that was sent to you.
  6. Click Reset password.

  7. Type a new password that you would like to use.  Then, click Save password.

  8. Click Continue.

  9. You will return to the IJ Cloud Printing Center website.  Click Start.

  10. You are now logged into the IJ Cloud Printing Center.


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