Activating the Optional Cassette AF-1 in Windows (MF730 series)

Article ID: ART172191 | Date published: 10/10/2018 | Date last updated: 02/28/2019


If the AF-1 Optional Cassette is installed under the printer prior to driver installation it should automatically detect the Cassette Unit. If the Cassette Unit is added later or the installation fails to detect, follow these instructions to activate it in the driver.


1. Display the Printers folder using the instruction below for your operating system.
  • Windows Vista
[Start]   select [Control Panel]   [Printer].
  • Windows 7/Server 2008 R2
[Start]   select [Devices and Printers].
  • Windows 8/Server 2012
Right-click the lower-left corner of the screen   select [Control Panel]   [View devices and printers].
  • Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2
Right-click [Start]   select [Control Panel]   [View devices and printers].
  • Windows 10
[  select [Windows System]   [Control Panel]    [Devices and Printers].
  • Windows Server 2008
[Start]   select [Control Panel]   double-click [Printers].
  • Windows Server 2016
Right-click [ select [Control Panel]   [Hardware]   [Devices and Printers]

2. Right click on the printer driver icon for this machine.

3. Click on Printer Properties or Properties.

4. Click on the Device Settings tab.

5. Select the 550 Sheet drawer check box.

6. Click Apply and OK.

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