Switching the System Frequency.

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Switching the System Frequency.


For the models listed below an optional feature upgrade is available for customers who wish to have the ability to change the system frequency setting between 59.97Hz and 50.00 Hz. For more information about what frame-rates and settings are available for your model, please download the appropriate leaflet below.

Associated Models
XF405, XF400, XF305, XF300, XF205, XF200, XF105, XF100 , XA35, XA30, XA25, XA20 , XH A1S

This service is available for a $500 fee, not including shipping and taxes. 
*All pricing is subject to change.

Procedure for switching the system frequency after the upgrade has been applied
NOTE: Instructions are for the XF405/XF400, but also applies to all of the associated models listed.)
Please click the attachment link below for instructions on how to switch the system frequency on the camcorder:



XF405 XF400 _Upgrade Switch System Frequency Leaflet_E(1).pdf
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