Printer not responding (Wireless network connection)

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Printer is not responding / Printer is offline and other error messages may appear when printing via wireless connection.


Printer is not responding

When attempting to print in a wireless LAN environment, message Printer not responding may appear. There are several possible causes for this message.

Refer to the following list of recommendations then click on the link to open the article and resolve your issue.

  • The computer and access point (or wireless router) have lost connection. Restart the computer and then attempt to print again.

  • The printer's signal strength is low due to its distance from the access point (or wireless router).  Move the printer closer to the access point (or wireless router). To check signal strength, print out the network settings and check the listing for signal strength, the higher the percentage, the stronger the signal.

     If the connection is Inactive, the printer has been disconnected from the network. If powering off the access point and printer and powering them back on does not change the connection to Active, the printer will need to be reconnected to the network.

  • The access point (or wireless router) and wireless printer may not be communicating. Power off and back on the access point and printer to restore communication.

  • A firewall on your computer may be blocking ports needed for communication with your printer.  Configure your firewall to allow communication with the ports needed for network communication with the printer.  Refer to the documentation for your firewall for information on how to configure the firewall.

  • If your computer is connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you may encounter the Printer not responding message. Disconnect from the VPN and try to print again.

  • The Canon wireless printer will detect nearby access points. If an incorrect access point was inadvertently selected, you will be able to select the correct one. Confirm the network name matches the one selected on the printer and the one on the computer.

    • To confirm the network name (SSID) matches the one selected on the printer and the one on a Windows computer, click here.

    • To confirm the network name (SSID) matches the one selected on the printer and the one on a Macintosh computer, click here.

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