How to Disable IPv6 - TR4520 / TR4522

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6901 or 6910 error



If you experience a 6901 or 6910 error with your printer, disabling IPv6 may help resolve this issue.  Follow the steps below to disable IPv6.
  1. Press the Setup  button on the printer's operation panel.
  2. Press the right arrow  until Device settings appears, then press OK.

  3. Press the right arrow  until LAN settings appears, then press OK.

  4. Wi-Fi is the first option that will appear.  Press OK.

  5. Press the right arrow  until Manual setup appears, then press OK.

  6. Press the right arrow  until TCP/IP settings appears, then press OK.

  7. Press the right arrow  until IPv6 appears, then press OK.

  8. You will see LAN communication may be disabled. Press [OK] to continue appear on the screen.  Press the OK button.
  9. Enable/disable IPv6 will be the first option to appear.  Press OK.

  10. Press the right arrow  until Inactive appears, then press OK.

IPv6 will be disabled.  If you wish to re-enable IPv6, press the left arrow  until Active appears, then press OK.


TR4520 / TR4522 Support Page

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