Serial Number Location - TS8220 / TS8222

Article ID: ART172495 | Date published: 11/28/2018 | Date last updated: 09/13/2022


Learn where to find the serial number of the PIXMA TS8220 / TS8222.


Serial Number

  1. On the HOME screen, select Hint

  2. Select System information  
    The Serial Number will be listed among the System Information items.

*The serial number can also be found inside the machine on a white sticker.  The sticker can be located by lifting open the Scanner unit and cover and looking to the top of the left side near the front of the inside of the machine.  The sticker has the words Serial No. :  followed by the serial number consisting of  4 alpha characters followed by 5 digits, for example ABCD01234.  A barcode is printed on the sticker below the serial number.

Please note that AZDK is part of the FCC information and is not the serial number for your printer.

TS8220 Support Page

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