Setting the Date, Time and Language Settings XF705

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Setting the Date, Time and Language Settings XF705


Setting the Date and Time
You will need to set the date and time on the camcorder before you can start using it.  When the internal clock is not set, or if the settings were lost because the built-in backup battery is depleted, the [Date/Time] screen will appear automatically with the time zone selected when you turn on the camcorder.

Operating modes: 

  1. Push the joystick up/down to select the desired time zone and then press SET (press the joystick itself) to move to the next field
  • To move between fields you can also push the joystick left/right
  • The default time zone is [UTC-5:00] (New York) or [UTC+01:00] (Central Europe), depending on the country/region of purchase.  Time zones are based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  1. Change the rest of the fields in the same way
  2. Select [SET] and then press SET to start the clock and close the screen
  • You canon display the date/time in  mode with the 
  • When the built-in backup battery is exhausted, the date and time setting may be lost. In such case, recharge the built-in backup battery and set the time zone, date and time again
  • Using the optional GP-E2 GPS Receiver, you can have the camcorder adjust settings automatically according to the UTC date/time information received from the GPS signal

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