Using the Menus and Selecting an Option XF705
Article ID: ART172580 | Date published: 12/13/2018 | Date last updated: 12/13/2018


Using the Menus and Selecting an Option XF705


Many of the camcorder's function can be adjusted from the menu that opens after pressing the MENU button.
In  mode, you can also register frequently used menu settins in a customized subment (My Menu) for easy access. 
Operating Modes: 
Menu Button
Press to open the menu and then press again to close the menu after adjusting desired settings.

Cancel Button
Press to return to the previous menu/cubmenu level or to stop some operations that are in progress

Press the joystick to move the orange selection frame in the menu.  Then press the joystick itself ("SET") to select the menu item indicated  by the orange selection frame. Note that although only the button at the center of one of the joysticks is labeled as SET, in the manual "press SET" will be used to mean pressing down the joystick itself.

Selecting an Option from the Menu

The following is a step-by-step explantion of how to select an option from the menu for most menu items. For som menu items, refer also to the functions's description for additional operation that may be necessary. In the procedures throught out the res of this manual, closing the menu is assumed and not included in the procedure. For brevity's sake, refernces in the text to setting in the seup menus may be abbreviated as follows:.
  1. Press the MENU button
  • TSetting options will appear with a he menu opends with the orange selection frame indicating the menu item that was selected the previous time the menu was vlosed (unless the camcodrer was turned off).
  1. Push the joystick left/right to select the desired setup menu and "page" number
  • When a menu item is selected (highlighted in orange) pushing the joystick left/right willl browse through the pages one  at a time. To change setup menus faster, push the joustick up/down or press the CANCEL button until an icon is selected, and then push the joustick left/right
  1. Push the joustick up/down to select the desired menu item and then press SET
  • Setting options will appear with a  mark next to the currently selected option
  • Some menu items may have an additional subment level. Select the desired submenu and press SET to display the setting options
  • When a setup menu icon is highlighted in orange, you can also press SET to select the first ment item in the setup menu page
  1. Push the joystick up/down to select the desired setting option and then press SET
  2. Press the MENU button to close the menu

  • Unavailable items may appear grayed out
  • Pressing MENU buttom at any time closes the menu
  • On some screens, the following icons my be displayed as a guide: . They refer respectively, to pressing the joystick (or SET button), the MENU button and the CANCEL button.
  • When using the supplied wireless controller, use the  and SET buttons in the same waty as the camcorders joystick. Similarly, when an optional RC-V100 Remote Controller is connected to the camcorder, youi can use the remote controller's up/down/left/right SET buttons.  Pressing the SET button is equivalent to pressing the joystick on the camcorder