Using the Customized Submenu (My Menu) XF705

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Using the Customized Submenu (My Menu) XF705you


You can register up to 6 frequently used menu settings una My Menu submenu for easy access. You can save up to 5 separate sets of My Menu setting so you can customize different options for different shooting situations. Furthermore, if you set an assignable button to [My Menu] you canpress the button to access your registered menu settings even faster and more easily.

Selecting a My Menu Set
  1. Select the desired [My Menu] screen  
  2. Push the joystick left/right to select the page corresponding to the desired My Menu set and then press SET.
Adding Menu Settings
  1. Select[Register]  ‚Äč
           Each My Menu set appears on a different page. Select the page that corresponds to the  desired set.
  • A screen will appear where you can select the menu setting you want to add
  • Press the CANCEL button to cancel the operation and return to the regular menu
  1. Navigate the menus to find the menu setting you want to add and then press SET
  2. Select [OK] and then press SET twice
  • The menu setting you registered will now appear under the currently selected My Menu set

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