Preparing the Camcorder for First Use XF705

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Preparing the Camcorder for First Use  XF705


Preparing the Camcorder
This section outlines the basic preparations for the camcoder, such as attaching the microphone holder and lens hood and adjusting the LCD screen and viewfinder
Attaching the Microphone Holder Unit
Use the supplied screws to attach the michphone holder unit to the handle
Attaching the Lens Hood
Attach the lens hood to protect the lens and reduce the amount of stray light that may hit the lens. Additionally, keeping the lens barrier closed can help avoid fingerprints and dirt on the lens.
Alway remove the lens hood and attach the lens cap when carrying the camcorder to storing it after use.
  1. Remove the lens cap
  • The lenscap and lens hood cannot be used at the same time
  1. Place the lens hood on the front of the lens with the lock screw side pointing down  and turn it 90 degrees clockwise 
  2. Tighten the lock screw 
Attaching and Removing the Eye Cup
Attach the eye cup so that it covers the rubber rim of the viewfinder unit. To remove the eye cup, pull it gently in a "peeling off" motion from the bottom up
  • For left eye use, attach the eye cup so that the protruding par faces the opposite side
Pointing the viewfinder lens at the sun or other strong light souces may cause damage to internal components. When you are not using the viewfinder, make sure to attach the viewfinder from scratches and dirt. Attach the viewfinder cap by inseerting it into the rubber rim of the viewfinder unit
Using the LCD Screen
  1. Pull out the LCD panel 90° to the left or right
  2. Adjust the LCD panel to the desired angle.
You can invert the image displayed on the screen according to the LCD panel's position. In  mode, pressing the MIRROR button will switch between the original and the image inverted vertically in  mode, it will switch between the original image and the image inverted both horizontally and vertically


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