Using SD Cards XF705

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Using SD Cards  XF705


Compatible SD Cards
The following types of SD cardcan be used with this camcorder.  For the lates information about SD cards tested for use with this camcorder, visit you local Canon Web site.

As of March 2018, the clip recording function has been tested using SD cards mad by Panasonic, Toshiba and SanDisk
2 USH and SD Speed Class are standards that indicate the minimum guaranteed data transfer rate of SD cards
3 In the Following cases, the use of SD cards rated UHS Speed Class is recommended:
  • When is set to [XF-HEVC] and [Resolution/Color Sampling] is set to [2840x2160 YCC422 10 bit]
  • When slow motion recording is activated.

  • After repeatedly recording, deleting and editing clips (if the memory is fragmented) you may notice slower writing speeds to the card and recording may even stop. In such case, save your recordings and initialize the card with the camcorder. Be sure to initialize cards especially before shooting important scenes
  • About SDXC cards: You can use SDXC cards with this camcorder but sdxc card are initialized by the camcorder using the exFAT file system
    • When using exFAT-formatted cards with other devices (digital recorders, card readers, etc.) make sure that the external device is compatible with exFAT. For more information on comoatibility, contact the computer, operating system or card manufacturer
    • If you use exFAT-formatted cards wtih a computer OS that is not exFAT-compatibile, you may be propted to format the card. In such case, cancel the operation to prevent data loss.
  • Proper operation caannot be quaranteed for all SD cards

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