Remote Operation of the Camcorder XF705

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Remote Operation of the Camcorder XF705


The camcorder can be operated remotely in  a number of different way with varying degrees of control. First you can use the supplied wireless controller as described below. You cna also connect an optional RC-V100 Remote Controller for mazimum control of your recording at a professional level
Finally you can connect a network device to the camcorder via Wi-Fi and use the Browser Remote application to control the camcorder

Operating Modes: 

Using the Supplied Wireless Controller
Inserting the Battery
Insert the supplied CR2025 lithium battery into the wireless controller befor use.
  1. Press the tab in the direction of the arrow  and pull out the battery holder 
  2. Place the lithium button battery with the + side facing up 
  3. Insert the battery holder 

Activating the Wireless Controller
By default the wireless controller is activated. If it has been deactivated follow the procedure below to activate it.
  1. Select [WL-D6000]
  1. Select [On] and press SET
Using the Wireless Controller to Operate the Camcorder
When using the wireless controller, point it at the camcorder's remote sensor. When the wireless controller's buttons are operated, the camcorder's tally lamps will illuminate

  • When you use the START/STOP button or ZOOM buttons on the supplied wireless controller, you must press the record enable button simultaneously with the desired button
  • When the camcorder cannot be operated with the supplied wireless controller, or when it can only be operated at very close range, replace the battery
  • The supplied wireless controller may not work properly when the remote sensor is located under strong light sources or direct sunlight


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