Using the Optional RC-V100 Remote Controller XF705

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Using the Optional RC-V100 Remote Controller  XF705


You can connect the optional RC-V100 Remote Controller to the camcorder's REMOTE A terminal or REMOTE B terminal in order to control the camcorder (including advanced recording function) from a distance. The remote controller lets you turn on the camcorder, navigate the menus and change setting, control the aperture and shutter speed, change some custom picture setting, and more.  When you use the REMOTE B terminal to connect the RC-V100, the camcorder can receive and process multiple simultaneous commands from the remote controller.
For details on how to connect and use the remote controller, refer to its instruction manual

Operating modes: 

  1. Turn off the camcorder and connect the optional RC-V100 Remote Controller to the camcorder
  • Make sure that the remote controller's terminal selection switch is set to match the terminal to be used on the camcorder
  1. Turn on the camcirder and select [REMOTE Term.]
  1. Select [RC-V100 (REMOTE A)] or [RC_V100 (REMOTE B)] depending on the terminal used and then press SET
[RC-V100 (REMOTE A)], [RC-V100 9REMOTE B)]
Select this option to use the optional RC-V100 Remote Controller connected to the corresponding REMOTE Terminal
[Standard]:     Select this option to use commercially available remote controls

  • When the cacorder is set to full auto mode, setting related to the aperture, gain, shutter speed and white balance (except for [R Gain] and [B Gain] in the custom picture's [White Balance] settings*) cannot be changed using the remote controller
* When infrared recording is activated, even the WHITE BALANCE R and B diales will have no effect on the camcorder
  • Adjusting picture-related setting with the remote controller can be performed only when the detaied setting were activated  is set to [On]
  • The REMOTE A and REMOTE B terminals cannot be used at the same time
  • If you plan on connecting the remote controller to the camcorder using the optional RR-10 or RR-100 8-pin Remote Cable check  the serial number of the RE-V100. If the serial number starts with "01 xxxx" (where xxxx represents other digits), you will need to update the remote controller's firmware.  Canon will perform this feature upgrade, and requires that the remote controller be sent to an accredited Canon Service SEnter.  Shipp and handling chrges may apply. Contact a Canon Customer Support Center for details.

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