Using the Fan XF705

Article ID: ART172614 | Date published: 12/17/2018 | Date last updated: 12/17/2018


Using the Fan  XF705


The camcorder uses an internal cooling fan to reduce the camcorder’s internal heat. You can change the fan’s
operation mode.

Operation Mode:

1 Select [Fan].

2 Select the desired option and then press SET.

[Automatic]: The fan runs while the camcorder is not recording and is automatically turned off while the camcorder is recording. However, if the internal temperature of the camcorder is too high ( appears in red), the fan will be activated automatically (in that case, ` will appear next to the  icon). When the camcorder’s temperature has decreased sufficiently, the fan will be turned off. Use this setting when you do not want the camcorder to pick up the fan’s operating sound.

[Always On]: The fan runs at all times.

• While the fan is running, the exhaust vent will emit warm air.
• Be careful not to obstruct in any way the fan’s air vents 

• Depending on the ambient temperature and other shooting conditions, the fan may not turn off even if you set
its operating mode to [Automatic].
• In mode the fan runs at all times.

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