Changing the Gain Value XF705

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Changing the Gain Value  XF705


Changing the Gain Value
1 Select the gain level you want to adjust 
2 Adjust the gain value using the direct setting mode.
  • Press the FUNC button to enter the direct setting mode and press again as necessary to highlight the gain value. Select the desired value and then press SET. For details refer to Using the Direct Setting Mode.
  • The selected gain value will appear at the bottom of the screen.
• You can also use the settings under the  submenus to set in advance the gain increment ([Mode]) and two separate gain values (one used for [Fine] increment and one for [Normal] increment) for each of the gain level positions. When you set a gain position's [Mode] setting to [Fine], you will be able to adjust the gain value in 0.5 dB increments even when using the direct setting mode.
• If you set an assignable button to [Gain], you can press the button to enter the direct setting mode with the gain value highlighted.
• When the gain and aperture are set to manual and the shutter speed mode is set to a mode other than OFF or automatic, the exposure bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.
• When high gain levels are set, the picture may flicker slightly. Additionally, uneven color, noise (white dots) and vertical stripes and other artifacts are more likely to appear.
• When infrared recording is activated, the gain mode will be set to automatic gain control.
• You can use the setting to make the change in the image look smoother when you switch gain settings.
• When an optional RC-V100 Remote Controller is connected to the camcorder, you can adjust the gain value
corresponding to the current position of the GAIN switch (L, M or H) with the remote controller’s ISO/GAIN

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