Aperture XF705

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Aperture  XF705


You can affect the brightness of your recordings or change the depth of field by adjusting the aperture. For example, use a small aperture value for a shallow depth of field that isolates the subject in focus and nicely blurs the background. The camcorder offers 3 ways to adjust the aperture. 

Automatic aperture: The camcorder adjusts the aperture automatically. 

Push auto iris: Momentary automatic aperture. During manual aperture, press the PUSH AUTO IRIS button or use Browser Remote (A162, 168) to temporarily adjust the aperture automatically.

Manual aperture: Adjust the aperture value manually using the iris ring, or remotely, using Browser Remote on a connected network device

Operating modes:

Automatic Aperture
Set the IRIS switch to A.
• The camcorder will adjust the aperture automatically to obtain an appropriate exposure.
• The aperture value set automatically by the camcorder will appear at the bottom of the screen with an  icon next to it.

• You can use the setting to change how quickly the exposure is adjusted when the camcorder is set to automatic aperture.
• Wen the camcorder is set to full auto mode, the aperture will be adjusted automatically. When infrared recording is activated, it will be maintained open at the maximum
Momentary Automatic Aperture - Push Auto Iris
During manual aperture, you can press the PUSH AUTO IRIS button to have the camcorder  temporarily take control and automatically adjust the aperture for an appropriate exposure.
1 Set the IRIS switch to M.
2 Press and hold the PUSH AUTO IRIS button.
• The camcorder will automatically adjust the aperture to obtain an appropriate exposure. As long as you hold the button pressed down, will appear on the screen next to the aperture value.
• When you release the button, automatic aperture mode will end and the icon will disappear. The selected aperture value will appear at the bottom of the screen
Manual Aperture
1 Set the IRIS switch to M.
2 Turn the iris ring to adjust the aperture.
• The aperture value displayed on the screen will change in 1/4-stop increments
The Exposure Bar
When the gain and aperture are set to manual and the shutter speed mode is set to a mode other than OFF or automatic, the exposure bar will appear on the screen.
The  on top of the exposure bar indicates optimal exposure without any shift (AE±0); the scale markings indicate the deviation from optimal exposure in 1/2 EV increments. The indicator inside the exposure bar represents the current exposure. When the difference between current and optimal exposure is larger than ±2 EV, the indicator will flash at the edge of the exposure bar. Optimal exposure will change depending on the light metering mode used.

• The aperture value set manually will not be saved when you switch to automatic aperture (with the exception of full auto mode). Instead, the aperture value set automatically by the camcorder will be used when you switch back to manual aperture control.
• If the ND filter is activated, the picture may become dark when you set a high aperture value. In such case, press the ND FILTER – button and readjust the aperture.
• You can use the setting to change the direction of the adjustment when you turn the iris ring.
• You can operate the iris ring even the camcorder's controls are locked
• When an optional RC-V100 Remote Controller is connected to the camcorder, you can adjust the aperture with the remote controller’s IRIS dial. At default settings, turn the dial right to open up the aperture and left to close the aperture.
You can also switch between automatic and manual aperture with the remote controller's AUTO IRIS button.


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