Light Metering Mode XF705

Article ID: ART172636 | Date published: 12/17/2018 | Date last updated: 12/17/2018


Light Metering Mode  XF705


Light Metering Mode
Select the light metering mode to match the recording conditions. Using the appropriate setting will ensure that the camcorder obtains the most suitable exposure level when the shutter speed, gain and aperture are adjusted automatically or when using push auto iris.

1 Select [Light Metering].

2 Select the desired option and then press SET.
  • The icon of the selected mode ( , no icon for [Standard]) appears on the left of the screen.

[Backlight]: Suitable when recording backlit scenes.
[Standard]: Averages the light metered from the entire screen, giving more weight to the subject in the center.
[Spotlight]: Use this option when recording a scene in which only a certain part of the picture is lit, for example, when the subject is lit by a spotlight

• If you set an assignable button to [Backlight] or [Spotlight], you can press the button to turn the
respective light metering mode on and off.

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