Zooming XF705

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Zooming  XF705


You can operate the zoom (optical zoom 15x) using the zoom rocker on the grip or the one on the handle. You can also use the zoom ring on the lens, the zoom buttons on the supplied wireless controller or Browser Remote
on a connected network device.
In addition to the optical zoom, you can use the digital zoom* to extend the zoom range to 300x, or digital teleconverter** function to increase the focal length by a factor of approximately 1.5, 3 or 6.
* In the range beyond the optical zoom (15x to 300x), the image is processed digitally, affecting image quality.
** The image is processed digitally throughout the zoom range, affecting image quality.

Operating modes:

Selecting the Zoom Mode
1 Select [Digital Zoom].

2 Select the desired option and then press SET.

[Tele-converter 6.0x], [Tele-converter 3.0x], [Tele-converter 1.5x]:
The camcorder processes the image digitally to multiply the focal length by a factor of 6, 3 or 1.5, respectively.

[Digital 300x]: The camcorder uses the optical zoom up to 15x and processes the image digitally after that, up to a magnification ratio of 300x.

[Advanced 30x]:
The camcorder can zoom up to 30x combining the optical zoom and additional processing.

[Off]: The camcorder uses only the optical zoom up to 15x.
When you operate the zoom, a zoom indicator* will appear on the screen that
shows the approximate zoom position. The white area of the zoom bar indicates
the optical zoom range and the blue area** indicates the digital zoom range.
* You can use the > [¢ % Monitoring Setup] > [Custom Display 1]> [Zoom Indicator]
setting to set the zoom indicator to a numerical display.
** Only when [Digital 300x] is selected.

• You can attach the TL-U58 Tele-converter or WA-U58 Wide Attachment (both optional) to the camcorder. You can even use the TL-U58 in combination with the digital zoom and digital tele-converter functions.
• When an optional RC-V100 Remote Controller is connected to the camcorder, if [Digital Zoom] is set to one of the digital tele-converter options, the remote controller’s EXTENDER indicator will light up.
• When is set to [WA-U58], [Digital 300x] and the digital tele-converter options are not available.
• [Advanced 30x] is not available in the following cases. 
- When slow motion recording is activated.
- When the resolution is set to 3840x2160

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