Adjusting the Focus AF-Boosted MF XF705

Article ID: ART172652 | Date published: 12/17/2018 | Date last updated: 12/17/2018


Adjusting the Focus  AF-Boosted MF  XF705


AF-Boosted MF
In this focus mode, you can focus manually most of the way and let the camcorder finish focusing automatically. This is very convenient when you want to make certain that your 4K recordings are in sharp focus.
Additionally, with this mode, if the camcorder cannot evaluate how to adjust the focus, it will not perform unreliable focus adjustments. This results in an overall more stable focusing operation than with continuous AF.
1 Set the FOCUS switch to A.
appears on the left of the screen.
2 Set [AF Frame] to a setting other than [Automatic]
3 Select [AF Mode].

4 Select [AF-Boosted MF] and then press SET.
  • When the focus is in the manual adjustment range, the focus frame will appear in yellow.
5 If necessary, change the size and position of the AF frame
6 Turn the focus ring to adjust the focus.
  • Focus manually to bring the subject closer into focus. When the focus enters the automatic adjustment range, the focus frame will turn white and the camcorder will then finish focusing automatically.
  • While the focus stays within the automatic adjustment range, the camcorder will keep the subject in focus
  • automatically.

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