Adjusting the Focus Continuous AF XF705

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Adjusting the Focus Continuous AF  XF705


Continuous AF
By default, the camcorder will focus automatically on a subject at the center of the screen. If the AF frame size has been changed to a setting other than [Automatic], the camcorder will focus automatically on a subject inside the AF frame that appears on the screen.
1 Set the FOCUS switch to A.
  • appears on the left of the screen.
  • If  is set to [Automatic], the rest of the procedure is not necessary. Ifyou wish to display an AF frame to control where to focus, continue with step 2.
2 Set [AF Frame] to a setting other than [Automatic] (steps 1-2,).
3 Select [AF Mode].

4 Select [Continuous] and then press SET.
  • A white AF frame will appear on the screen. If necessary, change the size and position of the AF frame
  • When face detection is activated, a white detection frame will appear around the face of the person who has been determined to be the main subject.

About the autofocus (AF) functions:
  • The point where the camcorder focuses may change slightly depending on shooting conditions, such as subject, brightness and zoom position. Check the focus before resuming shooting.
  • When you close the aperture beyond F11, the camcorder will focus automatically using continuous AF.
  • Autofocus may take longer when the frame rate set in the video configuration is 29.97P, 25.00P or 23.98P.
  • You can change some aspects of the autofocus function with the following settings.
- to set the AF speed (the speed at which the focus is adjusted).
- to set the responsiveness of the autofocus function.
- When the AF mode cannot be selected (see following point), the [AF Speed] and [AF Response] settings
cannot be selected either.
• The AF mode cannot be selected in the following cases.
- When is set to a setting other than [Off].
- When is set to [Tele-converter 6.0x] or [Tele-converter 3.0x].
- When the [Gamma] setting in the custom picture file (A124) is set to [PQ] or [HLG].
- When infrared recording is activated.
• Autofocus may not work well on the following subjects or in the following cases. In such case, focus manually.
- When the [Gamma] setting in the custom picture file is set to [Canon Log 3] or [Wide DR].
- When using small apertures.
- When subjects at different distances appear inside the AF frame.
- Reflective surfaces
- Subjects with low contrast or without vertical lines
- Fast moving subjects
- Through dirty or wet windows
- Night scenes
- Subjects with a repetitive pattern

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