Professional Print & Layout - General Settings Tab: Print Settings (Windows)

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Print settings



Specify the paper to be used for printing, print quality, and other settings.


  • The displayed items vary depending on your printer.

Media Type

Select the type of paper you want to use.

Get Information
Displays the Get Information dialog box for selecting the type of the paper loaded in the printer.

Paper Size

Select the size of the paper you want to use.

Click Specify Custom Size to display the Custom Paper Size dialog box for setting custom paper sizes.


  • When you add paper in Specify Custom Size, the set paper name will be displayed in Paper Size.

Borderless Printing
Select this checkbox to print without borders.

Paper Source

Select the paper source.

Roll Paper Options...
Displays the Roll Paper Options dialog box for setting the roll paper width and margins.

Fit Roll Paper Width
Select this checkbox to enlarge or reduce the image slot to the roll paper width.

Print Quality

Select the print quality from Highest, High, Standard, and Settings... according to the data to be printed.

Select Settings... to display the Print Quality Settings dialog box for setting the print quality level in more detail. Move the slider to the right to improve the quality and left to increase the print speed.


  • This function is unavailable when the Always print in the finest quality setting checkbox is selected in the Other Settings dialog box.


  • Available print quality levels vary depending on your printer and media type.
  • Settings... may not be displayed depending on your printer and media type.

Clear coat the entire page

Select this checkbox to apply the Chroma Optimizer (CO) ink to the entire printable area.
Deselect the checkbox to apply the ink to the printed areas (except white areas) only.

Examples of areas for application

Original image When the Clear coat the entire page checkbox is selected When the Clear coat the entire page checkbox is deselected

Shaded area: The area to which the Chroma Optimizer (CO) ink is applied


  • This function is unavailable depending on your printer and media type.

Use contrast reproduction

Select this checkbox to reduce sharpness degradation that occurs when printing photos.



Select this checkbox to print photos by optimally reducing sharpness degradation based on the depth data.


  • Available when started from Digital Photo Professional V.4.9.20 or later and a DPRAW format image is selected.
  • For restrictions on use, see Using the DPRAW Print Function.


  • Available only when the Use contrast reproduction checkbox is selected.

Displays the DPRAW Print dialog box for selecting whether to set Contrast Reproduction and DPRAW Print image by image.


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