Image Stabilization XF705

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Image Stabilization  XF705


Use the image stabilizer to compensate for camcorder shake in order to achieve steadier shots. The camcorder offers the following IS modes. Select the one that best suits your needs.

Dynamic IS : Dynamic IS compensates for a higher degree of camcorder shake, such as when shooting while walking, and is more effective as the zoom approaches full wide angle.

Standard IS : Standard IS compensates for a lower degree of camcorder shake, such as when shooting while remaining stationary, and is suitable for shooting natural-looking scenes.

Powered IS : Powered IS is most effective when you are stationary and zooming in on far subjects using high zoom ratios (the more you approach the telephoto end). This mode is not suitable for tilting and panning shots.

Operating modes:

Dynamic IS or Standard IS
1 Select [IS Mode].

2 Select [Standard] or [Dynamic] and then press SET.
  • (Standard IS) or (Dynamic IS) appears on the left of the screen.
3 Select [Image Stabilizer].

4 Select [On] and then press SET.
  • Select [Off] instead to turn off the image stabilization, for example, when recording with the camcorder
mounted on a tripod.

Powered IS
Press the POWERED IS button.
  • appears on the left of the screen.
  • Press the button again to return the camcorder to the IS mode set in the menu.
  • Alternatively, you can also use the setting to turnPowered IS on and off.

  • If the degree of camcorder shake is too high, the image stabilizer may not be able to compensate fully.
  • When using Dynamic IS, the edges of the picture may be adversely affected (ghosting, artifacts and/or dark areas may appear) when compensating for a high degree of camcorder shake.
  • The screen will turn black momentarily when you switch between Dynamic IS and Standard IS or vice versa.
  • You cannot switch between Dynamic IS and Standard IS while recording.
  • When using Dynamic IS, the angle of view will be narrower.
  • If you set an assignable button to [Image Stabilizer], you can press the button to turn the image stabilizer on and off.

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