Setting the User Bit XF705

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Setting the User Bit  XF705


Setting the User Bit
The user bit display can be selected from the date or the time of recording, or an identification code consisting of 8 characters in the hexadecimal system. There are sixteen possible characters: the numbers 0 to 9 and the letters A to F.
The user bit is recorded with clips and can be output from the TIME CODE terminal, SDI terminal or HDMI OUT terminal. It can be used freely to categorize and manage recordings or to keep additional information about them.

Operating modes: 

Setting an Hexadecimal Code
1 Open the user bit setting screen.
  • The user bit setting screen appears with an orange selection frame on the leftmost character.
  • To reset the user bit to [00 00 00 00], select [Reset] instead.
2 Push the joystick up/down to select the first character and press SET to move to the next.
  • Change the rest of the characters in the same way.
  • Press the CANCEL button to return to the previous screen without setting the user bit.
3 Select [Set] and press SET.

Using the Date or Time
1 Select [User Bit Type].

2 Select [Date] or [Time] and then press SET.

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