Professional Print & Layout - Main Screen (Windows)

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Main screen



This is the screen for handling various functions of Professional Print & Layout. Operate each area to correct color tones of images, print them, and more.



A: Preview Area

Displays a preview of the selected images.


B: Stored Settings Area

Select the printer you want to use or save the settings made in the Settings area.


C: Settings Area

Make settings for printing.

The Settings area consists of two tabs. For details, see the corresponding page.

General Settings tab
Print Settings


Color Management

Color Settings tab
Color Settings


  • To show or hide the corresponding category in the Settings area, click (Triangle).


D: Tools Area

(Add Page)

Adds a new page after the selected page.

(Delete Page)

Deletes the selected page.

(Zoom Out/Zoom In)

Reduces or enlarges the display size of preview.

Display ranges are 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 200%, and 400%.


Set the display scale.

Select from 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 200%, and 400%, where 100% is the size at which the whole page can be displayed.

(Whole Image View)
Displays the preview at the size (100%) at which the whole page can be displayed.
(Paper Orientation)

(Display Paper Horizontally)
Displays the paper in horizontal orientation.
(Display Paper Vertically)
Displays the paper in vertical orientation.
(Switch Preview)
(Print Preview)
Displays a preview when printing on paper other than roll paper.
(Roll Paper Preview)
Displays a preview when printing on roll paper.


  • (Switch Preview) is not displayed depending on your printer.

(Previous Page/Next Page)

Switches the displayed page when there are multiple pages.


  • If the number of copies is 0 in the Thumbnails area, that image does not appear in the Preview area.

Soft proofing

Select this checkbox to display the image on the monitor in a color tone close to the print result.


  • This function is unavailable depending on the selected media type.


  • Available only when Use ICC Profile is selected for Color Mode.


E: Thumbnails Area

Displays the thumbnails of images. You can change the order of images by selecting and dragging them.

(Number of Copies)

Set the number of copies for the images you want to print.


  • Set up to 99 copies.

(Change Layout)
Changes the position of the Thumbnails area.


  • To show or hide the Thumbnails area, click (Triangle) at the upper right of the Thumbnails area.
  • Up to 100 images can be displayed in the Thumbnails area.
  • To select multiple images, click them while pressing the Ctrl key.


F: Print Button Area

Set the number of copies to print.


Displays the Print dialog box for printing images.


  • Printing is performed in the order displayed in the Thumbnails area.


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