Professional Print & Layout - Stored Settings Area (Windows)

Article ID: ART172674 | Date published: 12/18/2018 | Date last updated: 01/18/2019


Stored settings area



Set the printer and layout you want to use.

In addition, save or load the settings (Print Settings, Layout, Color Management, and Color Settings) made in the Settings area.

Stored Settings

Displays a list of the names of frequently used settings that have been saved from the settings made in the Settings area or from the print history.


  • The selection switches to Custom if you change a setting in the Settings area.
  • Save up to 200 entries to Stored Settings.

Printer Default
Restores the settings made in the Settings area to the printer's default settings.

Save Current Settings
Displays the Add to Stored Settings dialog box for saving the settings made in the Settings area to Stored Settings.

Add from Print History
Displays the Add from Print History window for checking the print setting history or saving frequently used settings.


Select the printer you want to use.

Add Printer
Displays the Add Printer dialog box for adding the printer you want to use.

Delete Printer
Displays the Delete Printer dialog box for deleting the saved printers.

Layout (Number of Images)

Select a layout.

Single Image
Lays out an image on one page.

Multiple Images
Lays out multiple images on one page.


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