Setting the Audio Input Type for the INPUT 1/INPUT 2 Terminals XF705

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Setting the Audio Input Type for the INPUT 1/INPUT 2 Terminals  XF705


Setting the Audio Input Type for the INPUT 1/INPUT 2 Terminals
Using the INPUT 1/INPUT 2 terminals, you can record audio independently from a microphone or audio input source.
On the camcorder, set the audio-related switches for the INPUT terminal you wish to use according to the type of audio input you wish to use.
1 Set the audio input selection switch INPUT 1 or INPUT 2 to AES/EBU (digital audio) or ANALOG (analog audio).
  • When the switch is set to AES/EBU, the audio recording level for that input cannot be adjusted.
2 If you selected analog audio, set the corresponding ANALOG (analog source selection) switch to MIC (microphone) or LINE (audio device).
  • To supply a microphone with phantom power, set the switch to MIC+48V instead. Make sure to connect the  microphone first, before turning the phantom power on. Keep the microphone connected when turning off the phantom power.
  • When using the INPUT terminals to record to only one channel, use the INPUT 1 terminal.

  • When connecting an analog microphone or device that does not support phantom power, make sure to  set the ANALOG switch to MIC or LINE, respectively. If you set the switch to MIC+48V, the microphone or device may be damaged.

Selecting the Audio Input Source for Audio Channels
You can select the audio input source that will be recorded on CH1/CH2 or CH3/CH4, independently for each pair of audio channels. For details refer to the Audio Settings and Recorded Audio Channels table

Operating modes:

1 Select the desired pair of audio channels.

2 Select [INPUT Terminals] (external microphone or audio device), [MIC Terminal] (external microphone) or [Built-in Mic] (built-in microphone) and then press SET.
  • If necessary, repeat steps 1 and 2 to select the audio input source for the other pair of audio channels.

Recording a Single Analog Audio Input to Two Audio Channels
By default, when using analog audio sources (line in or microphone) connected to the INPUT terminals, each audio input is recorded to a separate audio channel (INPUT 1 to CH1 and INPUT 2 to CH2).
If necessary (for example, as an audio backup recording), you can record the same analog audio source connected to the INPUT 1 terminal to both audio channels, CH1 and CH2. In that case, you can adjust the audio recording levels of each channel independently of each other.

1 Select [CH2 Input].

2 Select the desired option and then press SET.

[INPUT 2]: Records audio to each channel separately. Audio input into INPUT 1 is recorded to CH1, while audio input into INPUT 2 is recorded to CH2.
[INPUT 1]: Audio input into INPUT 1 is recorded to both channels. Audio input into INPUT 2 will not be recorded.

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