Colors Bars/Audio Reference Signal XF705
Article ID: ART172687 | Date published: 12/18/2018 | Date last updated: 12/18/2018


Colors Bars/Audio Reference Signal  XF705


Colors Bars/Audio Reference Signal
You can have the camcorder generate color bars and a 1 kHz audio reference signal and output them from the SDI terminal, HDMI OUT terminal and × (headphone) terminal*.
* Audio reference signal only.

Operating modes:

Color Bars
The camcorder offers 3 types of color bars (SMPTE, EBU or ARIB).
1 Select [Color Bar Type].

2 Select the type of color bars and then press SET.
3 To activate the color bars, select [Color Bars].

4 Select [On] and then press SET.
  • The selected color bars appear on the screen and will be recorded when you press the REC button.
  • Turning off the camcorder or changing the operating mode to mode will deactivate the color bars.
  • You cannot change the type of color bars while recording or when pre-recording is activated.
  • You cannot turn the color bars on and off while recording.
  • If you set an assignable button to [Color Bars], you can press the button to turn the color bars on/off.

Audio Reference Signal
The camcorder can output a 1 kHz audio reference signal with the color bars.
1 Select [1 kHz Tone].

2 Select the desired level and then press SET.
• You can select one of three audio levels (–12 dB, –18 dB, –20 dB) or [Off] to turn off the signal.
• The reference signal will be output at the selected level when you display the color bars, and will be recorded when you press the REC button.