Waveform Monitor XF705

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Waveform Monitor  XF705


Waveform Monitor
The camcorder can display a simplified waveform monitor on the LCD screen, viewfinder and external monitors (SDI terminal or HDMI OUT terminal).

Operating modes:
Displaying the Waveform Monitor
Press the WFM button to display the waveform monitor.
• The waveform monitor window will appear at the right of the screen.
• You can use the  settings to turn the waveform monitor display on and off separately on the LCD screen, viewfinder and  external monitors connected to the respective terminals.
• You can use the  setting to display the waveform monitor on the left/right of the screen.

Configuring the Waveform Monitor
1 Select the waveform monitor's [Type].

2 Select the desired option and then press SET.
  • If you selected [Select Line], continue the procedure to set the Y coordinate of the line you wish to display. Otherwise, skip to step 6 to change the gain.
3 To select the line’s Y coordinate, select [Select Line].

4 Push the joystick up/down to select the first digit of the Y coordinate and then press SET to move to the next.
  • Change the rest of the digits in the same way.
  • When the number of horizontal lines (vertical component) of the resolution used is 1080, you can select a value between 0 and 1079 (1-line increments); when the vertical resolution is 2160, you can select a value between 0 and 2158 (2-line increments).
5 Select [Set] and then press SET.
6 Select [Gain].

7 Select the desired amplification ratio ([1x] or [2x]) and then press SET.
  • If you selected [1x], the rest of the procedure is not necessary. If you selected [2x], the display range of the waveform monitor’s Y axis will be reduced by half. Continue the procedure to select the minimum luminance value (in %) shown on the Y axis.
8 Select [Y Position].

9 Select the desired percentage and then press SET.

Options for [Type]
[Line]: Sets the waveform monitor to line display mode.
[Line+Spot]: The waveform of the area in the red frame is displayed in red on top of the [Line] mode waveform.
[Select Line]: The selected horizontal line will be displayed along with its waveform.
[Field]: Sets the waveform monitor to field display mode.
[RGB]: Functions like an RGB parade scope.
[YPbPr]: Functions like a YPbPr parade scope.

  • The waveform monitor will not be affected even if a LUT is applied to the LCD screen, viewfinder or video output from the SDI terminal or HDMI OUT terminal.
  • The waveform monitor cannot be displayed while the color bars are displayed or magnification is activated.
  • If the [Knee] settings in the custom picture file (A126) were changed, a horizontal line will appear on the waveform monitor indicating the luminance (Y) level corresponding to the knee point.

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