Assignable Buttons XF705

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Assignable Buttons  XF705


Assignable Buttons
The camcorder offers a number of buttons to which you can assign various functions (assignable buttons).
Assign often-used functions to the buttons you find most convenient, to personalize the camcorder to your needs and preferences.
You can find 14 assignable buttons on the camcorder’s body. The optional RC-V100 Remote Controller offers 4 additional assignable buttons that can be used when it is connected to the camcorder. The button names printed on the camcorder next to assignable buttons 1 to 7 also indicate their default settings.

Changing the Assigned Function
1 Press the MENU button and, while holding it pressed down, press the assignable button whose function you wish to change.
  • A list of available functions appears, with the current function assigned to the button highlighted.
  • You can also select the menu settings in the  menu (pages 1 and 2 for assignable buttons 1 to 14 on the camcorder; page # for the assignable buttons on the RC-V100).
  • Assignable buttons 8 to 13 are not available in  mode.
2 Push the joystick up/down to select the desired function and then press SET.
  • The selected function will be assigned to the selected button.
  • If you selected one of the preset functions, the rest of the procedure is not necessary. If you selected [User Setting], continue the procedure to register a menu setting.
3 Navigate the menus to find the menu setting you want to register and then press SET.
  • The selected menu setting will be assigned to the selected button. User-selected settings will be indicated with a  MENU  icon in the [ Assignable Buttons] menu.
4 Press the assignable button to use the assigned function as described in the following table.

• You can check the [Assignable Buttons] status screens to see what functions are currently assigned to each button.
• You can reset only the functions assigned to the assignable buttons, without affecting other camcorder settings, with the function. All the assignable buttons will return to their default function.

Assignable functions
Functions can be set separately in mode and mode. Refer to the following table for assignable functions and available modes.

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