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This is the screen for setting Layout Plug-In for Professional Print & Layout.



This is the screen for setting Layout Plug-In for Professional Print & Layout.



A: Preview Area

Displays the preview with the settings applied.


B: Settings Area

Select the unit of settings from mm, inch, and pixels.

Select Canvas Size

Select the frame size.

Add Canvas Size...
Displays the Add Canvas Size dialog box for saving custom frame sizes.


Select the frame thickness from 0.75 inch, 1.50 inch, and Custom.


  • Select Custom to set a custom frame thickness.

Amount of Extension
Select this checkbox to set the amount of extension that protrudes past the frame sides.

Thickness Effect

Select an effect for the image portion that appears on the sides of the frame.

Select from Image, Soft Image, Reflection, Soft Reflection, White, Black, and Custom Color.


  • Select Custom Color to set the color from Select Color....

Add Crop Marks
Select this checkbox to print crop marks outside the image as guide lines for folding the paper.

Image Size

Displays the following information.

Displays the original image size (size before creating the layout design).

Displays the image size of the entire layout design including the frame sides, crop marks, and the amount of extension added to the input image size.

Displays the resolution of the image.

Opens this guide.

Restores the default state.

Closes the Layout Plug-In for Professional Print & Layout screen.

Starts Professional Print & Layout.


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