Clip Index Screen XF705

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Clip Index Screen  XF705


Clip Index Screen
When you set the camcorder to mode, an index screen will appear. From the index screen you can access the various playback functions.
If the selected SD card contains clips recorded at a system frequency other than the one currently used by the camcorder, you will not be able to play back the clips. In such case, change the camcorder's system frequency to match the recordings on the card.
Set the camcorder to mode 
• The clip index screen appears. The index screen that appears depends on the currently selected recording format but you can change the index screen
1 Key lock 
2 Shot mark 
3 mark/ mark 
4 Orange selection frame
5 Custom picture file embedded
6 Clip identification (camera index, reel number and clip number) 
7 Recording date and time
8 Clip thumbnail
9 SD card (the one currently selected appears in white)
10 Index screen currently displayed 
11 Network connection / FTP transfer 
12 Clip number / Total number of clips
13 Recording date (month and day only) and time
14 Clip’s start time code
15 Clip duration
16 Slow motion recording1 
17 Color sampling and resolution 
18 Frame rate2 
1 XF-HEVC clips only.
2 For clips recorded using slow motion recording, the shooting frame rate and playback frame rate will both be displayed.
Switching SD Cards
If both card slots contain a card, press the SLOT SELECT button to play back recordings from the other card.
Switching Index Screens
The index screen that appears when you switch to mode depends on the current recording settings. Change the index screen to play back clips recorded in a different format or photos.

[XF-HEVC Index]: Index screen of XF-HEVC clips recorded on the selected card.
[XF-AVC Index]: Index screen of XF-AVC clips recorded on the selected card. 
[Photo Index]:Index screen of photos recorded on SD card B (only).

1 Press the INDEX button.
  • The index screen selection menu will appear.
2 Select the desired index screen and then press SET.
  • The selected index screen appears.
  • Select [Cancel] instead to cancel the operation

Playing Back Clips
After you select a clip to play back from the index screen, you can control the playback with the buttons on the camcorder or with the joystick and onscreen joystick guide. You can also use the
supplied wireless controller.
1 Move the orange selection frame to the clip you want to play back.
2 Press the button to start playback.
• Playback will start.
• Press the button again or press SET to pause/resume the playback.
• When the selected clip ends, playback will continue automatically to the next clip. When the last clip in the index screen ends, playback will be paused.
• Press the button to stop the playback and return to the index screen.
• Observe the following precautions while an access indicator is illuminated in red. Failure to do so may result in permanent data loss.
- Do not disconnect the power source or turn off the camcorder.
- Do not open the card slot cover of the card being accessed and do not remove the card.

• You may notice brief stops in video or audio playback between clips.
• Depending on the clip, the camcorder may adjust some controls internally to display a more suitable image on the LCD screen and viewfinder.
- When the [Gamma] setting in the custom picture file is set to a setting other than [Canon Log 3], the camcorder will produce an image that approximates the look of video displayed on a compatible monitorcorrectly configured.
- When the [Gamma] setting in the custom picture file is set to [Canon Log 3], the camcorder will produce colors that approximate the look of the BT.709 color space, regardless of the color space used for

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