Audio Output XF705

Article ID: ART172746 | Date published: 12/19/2018 | Date last updated: 12/19/2018


Audio Output  XF705


Audio Output
The camcorder can output audio from the SDI terminal, HDMI OUT terminal, (headphone) terminal or speaker*. You can select which two channels of the 4 audio channels recorded with the clip will be output from the HDMI OUT terminal, headphones and speaker.
* Only monaural output is available for the speaker.

Operating modes: 

1 Select the menu setting corresponding to the desired terminal.
2 Select the desired option and then press SET.
  • The audio channels selected for output will appear on the right of the screen (In mode, only if

• If you set an assignable button to [Monitor Channels], you can press the button to toggle between the audio channel output options.

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