Working with Clips on a Computer Canon Software XF705

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Working with Clips on a Computer Canon Software  XF705


Working with Clips on a Computer
Saving Clips to a Computer
Use Canon XF Utility to save and organize clips on a computer. You can use the Canon XF plugins to easily use clips directly from non-linear editing (NLE) software made by Avid. To be able to use XF-HEVC clips in Canon XF Utility or the Canon XF plugins, you will need to download and install also the Canon XF-HEVC Decoder. The software, plugins and decoder are available as free downloads from your local Canon Web site. Check the download page for the system requirements and latest information.
You will find detailed instructions about installing and uninstalling the software in the "Read This First" file (Install-XF Utility.pdf) included in the compressed file you will download from the Web site. For details about using the software, refer to the instruction manual (PDF file) that is installed with the software.

Canon XF Utility (for Windows/macOS): Software application that allows you to save clips on a computer, check, play back and organize clips and grab still frames from clips.

Canon XF Plugin for Avid Media Access (for Windows/macOS): Plugin that allows you to easily import clips from an SD card or a local folder in the computer to the compatible version of Avid Media Composer (an NLE application compatible with Avid Media Access), directly from within the application.

Canon XF-HEVC Decoder (for Windows/macOS): Decoder that allows you to play back XF-HEVC clips using Canon XF Utility or the Canon XF plugins. The decoder is required to use XF-HEVC clips on a computer.

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