Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network XF705

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Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network  XF705


The camcorder is Wi-Fi certified and can connect to access points (wireless router, etc.) and network devices compliant with the 802.11a/b/g/n protocol and that are Wi-Fi certified (bear the logo shown on the right). The Wi-Fi connection's functionality and applicable restrictions may vary depending on the Wi-Fi network used. Note that using an unprotected Wi-Fi connection can expose your data to monitoring by unauthorized third parties. Be aware of the risks involved. You can connect the camcorder to a Wi-Fi network in Infrastructure mode (using an access point), or directly to one network device in Camera Access Point mode. The type of connection you can use depends on the network function you wish to use . For an Infrastructure connection, the camcorder offers 4 ways to configure an access point and the method you use will depend on the type and specifications of the access point and network you plan to use 

Camera Access Point: When shooting in a location where there are no access points available, the camcorder can serve as a wireless access point*. Wi-Fi enabled devices will be able to connect to the camcorder directly. 
* Limited only to the connection between the camcorder and supported Wi-Fi enabled devices. The functionality is not the same as that of commercially available access points.

Infrastructure connection: WPS (button): If your wireless router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), setup will be easy and require minimal configuring and no passwords. To check if your wireless router has a WPS button and for details about how to activate the Wi-Fi protected setup, refer to the instruction manual of your wireless router.

WPS (PIN code): Even if your wireless router does not have a dedicated WPS button, it may support WPS using a PIN code instead. For setup using a PIN code, you will need to know in advance how to activate the wireless router’s WPS function. For details refer to the instruction manual of your wireless router.

Searching for Access Points: If your access point does not support the WPS function or you cannot activate it, you can have the camcorder search for access points in the area.

Manual Setup: If the access point you want to use has stealth mode activated and it cannot be automatically detected by the camcorder, you can enter all the necessary settings manually. This requires more advanced knowledge of Wi-Fi and network settings.

• Depending on the country/region of use, some restrictions on outdoor use or Camera Access Point connections may apply when operating the IEEE802.11a/n wireless standard in the 5 GHz band. For details about areas of use and restrictions, refer to the Specifications

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