What are the image processing features of the DR-G2xx0 series scanners?

Article ID: ART172784 | Date published: 12/20/2018 | Date last updated: 02/25/2019


Here is a list of the image processing features for the DR-G2xx0 series scanners.


  • Prevent Bleed Through/Remove Background
    Prevents the background or original image on the reverse side of thin originals from appearing in scanned images.
  • Color Unevenness Reduction Function
    You can control or reduce the color irregularity at the time of the scan.
  • Document orientation
    The text orientation on each fed page is detected, and the scanned image is rotated in 90-degree increments as necessary to match.
  • Deskew
    If a scanned image is detected to be skewed, the skewed image is straightened.

  • Drop-Out and Color Enhancement
    The scanner is equipped with color drop-out and enhancement functions that enable you to specify one color (red, blue, or green) or intermediate color range to be omitted (dropped out) or enhanced when scanning.

  • Binding Hole Removal
    Erases shadows that appear on scanned images from binding holes on the document.

  • Skip Blank Page
    The scanner scans both sides of each page and skips saving images of pages detected to be blank.

  • Folio Scan
    Documents that are too large to fit in the feeder inlet can be folded and scanned on both sides, with the images then combined into a single image.

  • MultiStream
    With applications that support the scanner's MultiStream capability, three images with different scanning conditions are created from a single scan pass. However, this function is only available when using software that supports MultiStream.

  • Thickening Text and Lines
    If text and lines in scanned images are very thin, this function corrects for their thickness while scanning.
  • Background smoothing
    Processes scanned images to smooth the background. It can be used when [Detect automatically], [256-level Gray], or [24-bit Color] is selected for [Color Mode] on the [Basic] tab sheet.
  • Barcode Detection
    Barcodes on documents can be detected and decoded by installing the supplied barcode module.
  • Patchcode Detection
    Patchcodes can be inserted in the document stack to perform batch separation.


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