Layout Plug-In for Professional Print & Layout: Add Canvas Size Dialog - macOS

Article ID: ART172785 | Date published: 12/20/2018 | Date last updated: 01/18/2019


Set and save frame sizes.



Set and save frame sizes.

To display the Add Canvas Size dialog, click Add Canvas Size... in the Layout Plug-In for Professional Print & Layout screen.

Paper Size List
Displays a list of frame sizes.


Deletes the frame size.


  • The frame sizes saved by default cannot be deleted.

Custom Canvas Size Name
Set the frame size name.

Select the unit of frame size from mm and inch.

Set the width.

Set the height.

Create the Image with a Fixed Aspect Ratio
Select this checkbox to lock the image's aspect ratio when setting the frame size.

Saves the frame size with the specified settings. When saved, it will be displayed in Paper Size List.

Opens this guide.


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