Connecting the Main Unit to Input Devices

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Connecting the Main Unit to Input Devices


The video display has SDI and HDMI input terminals to connect to input devices.

  • Check that the power of the video display and input devices is switched off before connecting.
SDI input signals
  Input signal Input terminal  
Quad Link
(Square Division)
Top left, Mapping signal Input A Single input system
Top right, Mapping signal Input B
Bottom left, Mapping signal Input C
Bottom right, Mapping signal Input D
Quad Link
(2 Sample Interleave)
3G-SDI Link 1 Input A Single input system
Link 2 Input B
Link 3 Input C
Link 4 Input D
Dual Link1 6G/3G-SDI Link 1 Input A Two input systems
Link 2 Input B
Link 1 Input C
Link 2 Input D
Single Link V1710
--- Input A/Input B/
Input C/Input D
Four input systems
1 The signals are automatically switched when [Image Division] is set to [Automatic].

  • V1710  The connection is tested using 4VS03A-5C BNC cables (multi) manufactured by Canare Electric Co.
    V1711 The connection is tested using D5.5UHDC03E BNC cables manufactured by Canare Electric Co.
  • When 3G-SDI RAW signal frequency exceeds 30.00P, it becomes a dual connection.
  • Each input terminal is compatible with through output. When signals are input from Input A, connect the cable to the SDI (OUT) terminal of Input A.

HDMI input signal

  • Use a HDMI cable with the High Speed logo that complies with the HDMI standard. When a non-compliant HDMI standard cable is used, the video display may not work normally, for example a video becomes choppy or nothing is displayed.

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