Playing Back Photos XF705

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Playing Back Photos  XF705


Playing Back Photos
Operating modes:You can view the photos you recorded on SD card B.

Operating modes: 
Displaying the [Photos] Index Screen
1 Set the camcorder in mode 
2 Open the [Photos] index screen 
Viewing Photos
1 Move the orange selection frame to the desired photo.
2 Press the button to view the photo.
  • The photo playback screen appears and the selected photo is displayed.
  • Use the buttons or push the joystick left/right to switch to the previous/next photo.
  • Press the DISP button to hide/show the onscreen displays.
  • Press the button to return to the [Photos] index screen.

  • Observe the following precautions while an access indicator is illuminated in red. Failure to do so may result in permanent data loss.
- Do not disconnect the power source or turn off the camcorder.
- Do not open the card slot cover of the card being accessed and do not remove the card.

  • The following photos may not be displayed correctly.
- Photos not recorded with this camcorder.
- Photos created or edited on a computer.
- Photos whose file names have been changed

Deleting Photos
You can delete photos you are not interested in keeping.

Operating modes: 

Deleting a Single Photo
1 Display the photo to be deleted or select it in the [Photos] index screen and then press SET.
2 Select [Delete] and then press SET.
3 Select [OK] and then press SET.
4 When the confirmation message appears, press SET.

Deleting All the Photos
You can delete all the photos in the [Photos] index screen.
1 Select [Delete All Photos].

2 Select [OK] and then press SET.
3 When the confirmation message appears, press SET.

• Be careful when deleting photos. Deleted photos cannot be recovered

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