What Can I Do with Digital Photo Professional Express?

Article ID: ART172817 | Date published: 12/20/2018 | Date last updated: 08/25/2022


Digital Photo Professional Express is made for easy usage on the iPad. The main functions of Digital Photo Professional Express are as follows.

Note, there are no linkage functions between Digital Photo Professional Express and the PC version of Digital Photo Professional.



Main functions of Digital Photo Professional Express

Feature Name Digital Photo Professional Express Digital Photo Professional (PC)
Main Feature Sub Feature
Lens correction Shooting distance Yes Yes
Diffraction correction Yes Yes
Chromatic aberration Yes Yes
Color blur Yes Yes
Peripheral illumination Yes Yes
Distortions Yes Yes
Trimming / Angle Rotate Yes Yes
Ratio Yes Yes
Picture style Yes Yes
White balance Yes Yes
Brightness / Gamma Brightness Yes Yes
Auto lightening optimizer Yes Yes
Gamma adjustment Yes Yes
Tone Adjusting tone curve Yes Yes
Channel brightness Yes Yes
Channel contrast Yes Yes
Detail Noise reduction Yes Yes
Sharpness Yes Yes
Unsharp mask Yes Yes
Color Color adjustment Yes Yes
Adjusting a specific color gamut Yes Yes
Edit history Yes No
Histogram Yes Yes
AF frame display Yes Yes
Partial adjustments Brightness No Yes
Contrast No Yes
Hue No Yes
Saturation No Yes
Reduce color moiré No Yes
Dual pixel RAW optimizer No Yes
Dust delete / copy stamp No Yes
Compositing tool No Yes
HDR tool No Yes
Digital lens optimizer No Yes
Dust delete data No Yes




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