Remote Control Part Names and Functions REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z

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Remote Control Part Names and Functions  REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z


(1) POWER button 
Turns the projector on or off.

(2) D.ZOOM button
Not used with this product.

(3) Fn button
Not used with this product.

(4) Pointer buttons 
Selects the upper, lower, left or right item in the menu.
Also used to assign a channel to the remote control.

(5) OK button
Determines the item selected from the menu.

(6) FOCUS button
Adjusts focusing.
buttons: Moves the focus position further away.
 buttons: Moves the focus position nearer.
(7) ZOOM button 
Adjusts the image size.
 buttons: Increase the image size.
 buttons: Decrease the image size.

(8) INPUT A-C button 
Can be assigned to input signal election (one source for each of the three buttons).

(9) ASPECT button 
Changes the aspect ratio of the projected image.

(10) TEST PATTERN button
Displays the test pattern.

(11) Ch button
Changes the remote control channel.

(12) IMAGE button
Switches the image mode (image quality).

(13) FREEZE button
Freezes the projected image.
(14) INPUT button
Switches the input signal.

(15) VOL button
Adjusts the sound volume.
[3] button: Increases the volume.
[6] button: Decreases the volume.

(16) Number buttons 
Enter password and TCP/IP setting

(17) MUTE button
Mutes the sound.

(18) MENU button
Displays a menu on the screen.
(19) EXIT button 
Cancels functions such as menu display or test pattern during operation
and returns to the image display.

(20) LENS-SHIFT button
Moves the lens up, down, left, or right.
buttons: Moves the image.

(21) KEYSTONE button 
Corrects keystone distortion. The [Keystone] setting enables both 
horizontal/vertical keystone correction (by adjusting top/bottom/left/right
length) and corner correction.

(22) AUTO PC button
Not used with this product.

(23) SPLIT button
Not used with this product.

(24) BLANK button
Temporarily blacks out the image.

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