Projecting an Image in the DICOM SIM Mode REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z

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Projecting an Image in the DICOM SIM Mode  REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z


Projecting an Image in the DICOM SIM Mode
In the DICOM simulation mode (hereinafter referred to as “DICOM SIM”), this projector can project a monochrome medical image such as an X ray radiography, CT image, MRI image, etc. in the tone similar to the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) standard. Typically, to project the image according to the DICOM standard, it requires the grayscale tone correction using a luminance meter according to the environment. In this projector, there are 21 types of tone settings for various ambient lights. You can correct the tone in a simplified manner by selecting the DICOM test pattern. It is suited to project an image in a medical lecture, academic conference, inhospital conference, etc.

This projector is not the display monitor for a medical image. It cannot be used for the radiological image reading or medical examination.
• It is recommended to check the tone everytime when using this projector since it does not have the tone correction and calibration functions against the secular change.
• It may take approximately 30 minutes until the projection brightness of this projector becomes stabled.

Switching the mode to the DICOM SIM Mode
1 Press the IMAGE button on the remote control until [DICOM SIM] is displayed or select [DICOM SIM] from [Image mode] in the [Image adjustment] menu.

2 Display test patterns by pressing the TEST PATTERN button on the remote control or selecting [On] in [Test pattern] of the [Install settings] menu. Press the buttons to select the DICOM test pattern.

3 As you view the test pattern, perform [Gamma] adjustment from the [Image adjustment] menu until the image is optimal.
4 Press the OK button after the setting.

Perform one of the followings to obtain an appropriate projection:
• Darken the ambient light
• Reduce the image size
• Reduce the projection distance

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