Turn the Projector Off REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z

Article ID: ART172833 | Date published: 12/21/2018 | Date last updated: 12/21/2018


Turn the Projector Off  REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z


Turn the Projector Off
1 Press the POWER button.
2 When this window is displayed, press the POWER button again.
After you turn the projector off, projection stops, the [STANDBY] indicator flashes in red, and the projector starts cooling down. After cooling down, the projector enters standby mode. In standby mode,
the [STANDBY] indicator remains lit instead of flashing.
  • If you want to continue projecting without turning off the power, press a button other than POWER, or else wait until the confirmation message disappears.
  • The projector cannot be turned on while cooling down.
  • Using the projector for extended periods may shorten the life of the internal optical components.
  • Unplug the projector if it will not be used for an extended period. Note that the [Date and time] setting will be reset, so you will need to set it again.
  • In power management mode, the projector may go off automatically after some time

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