Installing and Removal of the Lens Unit REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z

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Installing and Removal of the Lens Unit   REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z


Installing the Lens Unit
1 After confirming that the lens lever is raised, hold the lens unit with the lens connector on the left side and insert it in the projector, keeping the 
lens connector aligned with the connector in the projector.

Keep the lens unit level as you insert it straight into the projector. Inserting it crooked may prevent the lens lever from moving freely or make projection blurry.

2 Turn the lens lever clockwise to secure the ens unit.
  • When securing the lens unit, make sure it is fully inserted in the projector, and then turn the lens lever clockwise (toward the bottom, as shown) to secure it. If it is not fully inserted, this may prevent the lens lever from moving freely or make projection blurry.
  • The projector stores certain information about lenses. This information must be set again when lenses are replaced.  After lens replacement, lens shift reset is performed automatically when the projector is restarted, and the lens moves within the range of [Normal] lens shift mode
  • Also refer to instructions included with the replacement lens.

Removing the Lens Unit
1 Raise the lens lever by turning it counterclockwise.

2 Hold the lens unit securely as you remove it.
When removing the lens unit, keep it level as you pull it straight out of the projector

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