Installation REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z
Article ID: ART172841 | Date published: 12/21/2018 | Date last updated: 12/21/2018


Installation   REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z


Place the projector in front of the screen.
  • To avoid keystone distortion, install the projector so that it is at right angles to the screen.
  • The screen must not be exposed to direct sunlight or light from lighting equipment. In a bright room, it is recommended that lights be turned off, curtains be drawn, and other steps taken to make the screen easier to see.

Tabletop or Floor Installation (Lower Than the Screen)
To adjust the projection position, use the lens shift function or the adjustable feet. 1 Press the LENS-SHIFT button on the remote control to display the lens shift adjustment window.

Press the LENS button on the projector repeatedly to switch between windows for parameters adjusted by controlling the lens.
To access the lens shift adjustment window, press the LENS button three times (or four times if you have set [Marginal focus] to [On]).

2 Press the pointer buttons to adjust.
To raise or lower the image, use the buttons on the remote control or projector.
To move the image left or right, use the buttons on the remote control or projector.
To continue moving the image in a specific direction, hold down the corresponding button.